Restoration Services at The Shop in Lisbon, Maine

One of our latest Restoration Projects just won a prize at the Good Guys East Coast Nationals in Springfield MA

Mighty Muscle Award (sponsored by Painless Performance)   Chris Douglas   Augusta, ME  1970 Dodge Challenger

Challenger  Car Show with Chris Douglas-Owner

The Shop exists in very large part to keep your car on the road and looking its best. Sometimes the mechanical aspects take the drivers seat, but we are also experts at extending the beautiful life of your ride. Visit The Shop to discover a wealth of classic car and muscle car restoration services.

Classic Car Restoration in Lisbon, Maine

A common question people often ask is, “How much will my restoration cost?” A typical restoration project may cost anywhere from between $10,000 and $25,000 (or more), depending on the condition of the vehicle and the work that needs to be done. If you have a particular budget in mind, we do our best to work within it. Our process is to start with the most important parts of the vehicle that need repair, while maintaining the original appearance of the vehicle.

Rotisserie Work Paint & Body Work Electrical Services Undercoating Services


We do our research. We check into every vehicle with multiple photos to achieve the best replica and representation we can. We know what it takes…not just to make your car run, but also to make classic cars look the way they should.

These are just some of the many ways we use our experience to bring your vehicle back to its newer state. You know the drill… give something enough of your time, energy, and love, and miracles happen. This is exactly the key to bringing the best out of an older vehicle. You care about keeping it, The Shop will keep it looking good—giving it renewed life that you will appreciate!

Return Your Ride to its Original Luster

The Shop TALKS ABOUT PAINT By Brad Smith

About Paint In the world of hot rods, a superior paint finish has the ability to transform an ordinary street rod into a piece of art that commands attention. While a rattle-can paint job may seem sufficient, the application of a quality finish will transform the old five window coupe into an eye grabbing heart stopper. To find out just what is required in laying down a superior paint finish, I talked to Danna at The Shop; here is what he had to say.

“Preparation is perhaps the most difficult and most important stage of laying a quality finish. A quality finish can come only with quality preparation. In order to insure a sound foundation, the preparatory steps must be preformed in the proper order.”

  • Disassembly: All plated and non-painted items must be removed, tagged and bagged.
  • Stripping: Strip the old paint and remove ALL rust and signs of corrosion, sandblasting if necessary.
  • Alignment: All body panels must be aligned and fitted.
  • Body work: Repair all dented and rusted areas. Body modifications such As chopping, channeling and sectioning of body panels is done after the body has been stripped, blasted and etched.
  • Sealing: All body repairs and modifications are sealed and urethane primed.
  • Disassembly: All body panels are removed, color is applied to the edges and jams.
  • Reassembly: The panels are reassembled, fitted and blocked out. Attention to detail is important during this step. There is still time to remove any imperfections that might have been overlooked. Paint will not hide an imprecation. If it is there, someone will see it.
  • Masking & Painting: Every opening must be masked to ensure the paint goes where It is wanted. Quality products, accurate measuring and a clean Surface are paramount to ultimate success.
  • Wet Sanding: The entire body is wet sanded and buffed.
  • Assembly: Plated items and non-painted items are replaced.

Once again, a superior paint finish is the product of proper preparation and attention to detail,
a work ethic held in the highest esteem by the crew at The Shop.

Next time you are in the Lisbon area, drop by and see what we are building.